I hope everyone enjoyed the little detour last week, and enjoyed doing a little in-character talking even if it wasn’t your character! :)

There was some serious foreshadowing in the flashback (Thank you, Lost), and here are some matters that might be of concern:

The ‘new guys’ ( Marcus, Brandis, Hesken) learned that there is at least one more Cannith agent being held by the dragonborn- a combat-shy elf being kept by the brass dragon tribe.

Ramon Wavehammer, who was contracted by Brother Garrow to bring the Emerald Claw to the Isle of Dread, was captured by the eladrin pirates, who have allied themselves with Garrow. Ramon and at least one more of his crew escaped. One of his crew, a Serenity woman named Brienna Welsh, made it to the tribes and is now a servant along with survivors of other wrecks, including Shitluck Symmes, Addle the dragonborn and folks who’se stories you don’t yet know.

That puts at least 3 Serenity vessels on the island: the 4 Turns East, the Wild Goose & The Wavehammer, all fine vessels but only the Goose and the 4 Turns are pillarships, with Smitick Pengo’s Kraken last seen awash in the hurricane.

Dimbarr, Ingold and Arfinn, the survivors of the Champions of the Bell mutiny and shipwreck, tried to betray the new guys and were trounced, except for Arfinn, who escaped.

Arfinn worships the Devourer, one of the Dark Six and the embodiment of the indifferent cruelty of the sea. through some strange magic, he was in touch with the pirates, and has joined them in their alliance with Dagon, one of the Lords of Dust, a powerful fiend from the Age of Demons. Dagon is a aspect of the Devourer that is intentionally malicious. Dagon is a keeper of secrets associated with the sea, and it is said he knows the contents of every sailing ship and the darkest secret of every sailor’s heart. Dagon, like all the Lords of Dust, is trapped far beneath the surface of Eberron, in the nightmare supernatural underdark called Khyber.

Arfinn said he had been granted a vision and will meet the team again inside of Minarra’s tomb. he has allied with the Emerald Claw and Brother Garrow; Runskaled the dragon flew them to the top of the plateau, but they were turned away by Giorge Forswron ,his ghostly ally and like-minded spirits of the island. If anyone had beat you into the tomb, the changing nature of the place would make it all but impossible to determine their presence.

Serenity is having some issues. Among them, the volcano is stirring and the port is covered in ash. Furthermore the Drunken Urchin has burned to the ground.

Marcus was on Serenity two weeks ago; the Four Turns Easy has been away for more than 6 weeks and without communication for at least a month. Marcus may know more about conditions in the port if asked.


Not sure who I am more worried about The Claw agent or Arfinn who rides around in the mouth of a 50 foot long Crocodile like it was his personal stretch limo lol.

iagbegreg iagbegreg

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