Edwin Tolstoff's Notes

The work desk and bookshelves in here have been smashed by the neogi but not thoroughly searched.

The records belong to Edwin Tolstoff; he is apparently serving as both an agent of House Lyraneder and House Cannith. A DC 20 insight reveals he was a lyrander spy sent to infiltrate House Cannith.

Posing as a scholar and adventurer, Cannith tasked him with excavating the manor of House Vol; he worked with a few humanoid assistants but mostly warforged. He discovered much, shared some information with both Houses and kept some only for himself.

1. House Vol had secret holdings in a ‘fiendish city’ called Vor Rukoth

2. They had a Fey Ally, a Formian Cachlain ‘The Stone-Skinned King, whose holdings include the Isle of Dread when it is in the Feywild. The eladrin pirates are his servants, the ’howling hag’ Becephelogus is his general.

3. Rynskald the green dragon who lairs upon Greenscale Island is supposed to warn all creatures away from the island but has been corrupted by the hag & pirates and is now motivated only by selfishness and greed.

4. Zorlan d’Cannith defeated the tomb that holds Black 13 after years of effort and trips to Vor Rukoth to consult ‘Alablaq the Mad’, a dead eladrin who once served in The Court of Vol.

5. Zorlan’s notes may hold the answer to the riddle of the tomb, but Edwin could not obtain them.

6. Edwin eventually forged an alliance with Cachlain, and had permission to cross into the Feywild via ‘the Garden of Graves’, a cemetery plotted by Alablaq and a deadly place.

7. Edwin had extensive knowledge of Rory bBrbarosa, his crew’s dealing with The Lord of Dust Dagon, and speaks of ‘alliances long held and to be called upon if circumstance warrants the price.’ This he apparently kept from both Cannith and Lyrander.


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