Ghosts, Goblins, Warforged, Madness

The crew continues to delve more deeply into the hidden Cannith forge on the Isle of Dread. They next encountered a mixed group of goblins, bugbears and hobgoblins, with members of both the native tribes and the airship crew working together to harry the crew. After a brutal struggle in the confines of a tight corridor, they crew overcame the goblioids and reached what had been the main entrance to the forge. This large octoganal room was litered with the bones of House Cannith agents who perished here when the Gurrash the Headtaker and his goblin tribes collapsed all the entrances to the forge.

The room was also haunted by the ghost of Madeline Blacktree, sister to alkric Blacktree, the mysterious House Cannith agent who the crew first encountered on the Day of Mourning and who tried to destroy the Cannith Forge at Serenity on it’s founding.

Madeline claimed to be ‘between death and life, in a state more powerful than either.’ She spoke of her (certainly dead) brother in the present tense as if she communicated with him regularly. She knew of the six of you, whom Alric claims were mentioned in the Draconic Prophecy. She was pleased with the goblin’s efforts to restart the forge. She foresees Cannith’s return and her own return to a place of prominence within the House. She knows that the goblins mean to take the forge craft back to their own nation but seems to feel that more warforged can only be good for the world. She found Jelia Foresworn’s (the sister of giorge Foresworn, the ‘mad ranger’) agenda of recovering Black 13 to be far more distasteful.

No one asked if she knew about the Day of Mourning.

Eventually she grew tired of your questions and released a trio of undead creatures upon you. Also the forge’s defenses, battered by time, were put into use, spewing ghostly flame upon you, burning the living and strengthening the dead.

It was a close thing, but the team put down the undead and disarmed the flame traps. Exporing the area they discovered Tremelo, the warforged they knew from Serenity. He had been recruited by the airship crew with a promise of replacing the morningstar at the end of his right wrist with a working hand. Instead the used him to parley with the warforged prototypes, and once the forge was secure, they chopped his morningstar off and locked him in a room with all the documents from Cannith they could find. His task is to find information about the construction of forges.

He has learned a great deal of the history of the Island. I’ll add the details of Tremelo’s information gathering in a later update.


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