Next Quest?

The crew has been on the Isle of Dread for nearly a month! A great deal has happened, and many challenges overcome, and now it is time to determine the next course of action.

The crew has successfully negotiated peace between the Solvar and the Phanetons, and secured the release of three dragonborn captured by the Solvar. These actions have improved relationships between the three diverse tribes and give the crew benefits such as magic item creation via ritual, three safe havens on the island to retreat to if needed, and further intelligence about the isle itself and House Cannith’s operations there.

A few facts: The Phanetons had no formal relationship with House Cannith, and only had regular communication with one member of the Cannith ‘tribe.’ The crew can determine that this was Edgar Tolstoff, and he was most interested in the island’s time in the Feywild. The Phanetons told him about the Formian King Cachlain, and how he considers the Isle part of his own extensive Feywild kingdom.

The Solvar know about The Garden of Graves. It was a magical place created by House Vol that linked several Eberron locations via the Feywild. House Vol had made treaties with King Cachlain to lease the Isle of Dread and use the Garden of Graves as a means to move between the Isle and other Eberron locations. The Garden is easy to find when the island is in the Feywild, extremely difficult when in Eberron, and impossible to locate (at least for them) since the Day of Mourning.

The Solvar know of one other resident of the island who may know more about these matters (and who may be willing to talk): A lone gnome who lives in a lighthouse on the eastern shore of the island, north of the dragonborn villages. He’d been there through most of the Cannith years, although it is uncertain if Cannith knew of his existence. Visits there would probably mean going back to the village and getting the ship

The Solvar also know the exact location of the airship crash.

However it is evident that the surviving members of the Airship crew are in league with the island’s goblins and have probably reached the forge at the base of the plateau, while Brother Garrow and the Blood of Vol claim to have allied with the dragon Rynskald who will simply carry him and his men to the top.

Choose wisely.


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