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The Adventure So Far...

The founding members of the Four Turns East met fleetingly on The Day of Mourning in what became the last days of The Last War. Those who witnessed the utter destruction of the nation of Cyre formed a strong bond, and years after the War’s end, the gathered at the frontier independent city-port of Serenity. Their goal was to find a pillar ship, a magical artifact of the ancient elves, and use the enchanted vessel to hunt for dragonshards in the Thunder Sea.

In Serenity they found adventure from almost their first day. Serenity had been founded a generation ago as a shelter from the Dragonmarked Houses and their intrigues, but at last was welcoming a House to operate in their city. House Cannith was to build a forge that would provide the port with all the magical implements and luxuries that more cosmopolitan cities such as Sharn enjoy. However at the dedication of the Cannith forge a terrorist names Alric Blacktree disrupted the ceremony and attempted to assassinate the Cannith officials, using magic that included a golem-like creature made of the mists of Mourning themselves.

The crew dispatched the threat, and were welcomed to the port as heroes. They called the port their home and made many allies including Glycum Silvermoon (gnome prophet and sole proprietor of the Serenity daily press), Ankus Alkavin (owner and barkeep of The Drunken Urchin) and Mylor Branks (proprietor of Serenity Sendings). They also made a few enemies, such as local crimelord Ned Shakeshaft, powerful merchant Tobias Ambermead and the redoubtable Sawfish Boys.

Serenity soon welcomed another Dragonmarked House, House Tereask, and the crews that sailed from The crew persevered and eventually bested the other Serenity captains the sly Ramon Wavehammer, the dashing Bundlor Gales and the hapless Smittik Pengo in discovering the legendary unique dragonshard Red Carnival.

And here with their first real success their troubles began.

The crew at last met their patrons: Edgar and Katarin Tolstoff, wealthy and sophisticated descendants of one of the four adventurers who founded Serenity a generation ago. They wanted Red Carnival in pursuit of an even more mysterious dragonshard: Black 13. Red Carnival summoned an island from the Feywild; a place called The Island of Dread, where the lost dragonmarked house, House Vol, had built a secret fortress dedicated to the exploration of their sinister mark, the Mark of Death.

The crew’s exploits on the Isle of Dread would fill a dozen volumes. In the end, they learned that House Cannith had been on the Isle of Dread and indeed had perfected the creation of warforged soldiers there. The shard Black 13 was still on the island, protected by a living, trap filled tomb which was the lair for the deathless, soul devouring thing that had once been Minara d’Vol. The crew persevered—only just—and escaped with the shard, leaving the Isle of Dread and returning to Serenity.

They hadn’t been in Serenity long when the Tolstoffs revealed their true nature: they had learned the secrets of Black 13 through dealings with an ancient and powerful demon knows as Dagon. Red Carnival could be used to free Dagon, the Tolstoffs freed the demon and fled though magical means. However the crew prevented them from gaining Black 13 and hid the shard in a secure location.

Serenity was besieged by madness and horrors, The crew were hard pressed to save the innocent and defeat those who had been corrupted by the promises of the demon and his fish-folk minions.

Now Serenity is safe. The Tolstoffs and their deadly henchman have fled using secret paths called The Garden of Graves to the mysterious an ancient city Vor Rukoth, a ruined metropolis from The Age of Demons. House d’Vol had a sanctuary there, once, where they dabbled in transferring dragonmarks from one person to another. It’s why Tolstoff wanted Black 13, The crew never saw Edgar Tolstoff: he was always shrouded by a curtain. It is suspected he is covered with dragonmarks, and needs only the Mark of Death from Black 13 to have them all.

No one knows what that would mean…


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