The Forgotten Forge

After battling ferocious and supernaturally intelligent reptiles, the crew has breached the hidden Cannith Forge located at the base of the central plateau. The crew had to battle their way through a number of goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears from the airship and also from the goblin tribes native to the island. This proves an alliance between the airship raiders and the Isle of Dread goblins, and may be why the airship was crewed with goblin mercenaries in the first place.

Once inside the forge, the crew was beset by warforged prototypes. These simpler designs lacked autonomous will and were controlled by a central kiosk that directed their actions. It is clear that the airship raiders found a way to overcome and redirect these devices, as there is no evidence that they were forced to destroy the warforged upon their own arrival.

We haven’t taken a short rest yet!! The last warforged has just fallen… and we resume.


iagbegreg iagbegreg

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