The Gatekeepers & the 12

Over sixteen thousand years ago, druids formed the Gatekeepers. They were charged with the dire responsibility of safeguarding the world from a burgeoning evil, the aberrant horrors dwelling within Khyber’s depths. Although defeated once, these creatures still clamor for a chance to slip through reality’s boundaries and conquer the mortal world. The Gatekeepers have failed only one time in their guardianship. Some nine thousand years ago, the daelkyr spilled from Xoriat, the Realm of Madness. Only a few Gatekeepers survived the struggle to bind the daelkyr behind great seals. From that moment, the Gatekeepers renewed their ancient oaths and have remained vigilant in their duties.

The Ziggurat of the Twelve: A great floating fortress that casts its shadow over Wollvern Park in Korth, the Ziggurat is the headquarters of the Twelve, an arcane organization founded by the dragonmarked houses during the early days of the Kingdom of Galifar. The tower has 13 floors full of classrooms, libraries, and laboratories with exception to one floor, which remains empty to memorialize the lost 13th dragonmark. The Twelve is the magician’s college for the dragonmarked houses and is the primary rival of the Arcane Congress.


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