Toren Aerakin


The Aerakin family is old blood in Serenity,descended from one of the four adventurers who first settled the region 50 years ago. Today, Toren Aerakin is the youngest ruling noble in Serenity, having risen to the head of his household when both his parents and his grandfather died of a sudden violent illness. Gossip about town says that Toren poisoned them, but the young aristocrat angrily refutes these rumors and has had several people fined for slander as a result. Another subject of much gossip is the fact that Toren has yet to take a wife; he shares the mansion with his two younger brothers and four younger sisters. Toren inherited the role of town councilor from his grandfather as well and has turned out to be one of the more level-headed and reasonable councilors in recent history.

Toren is well known for taking charge of Serenity’s anti-crime initiative and making genuine progress. While many streets are unsafe at night, break-ins and robberies have all but ceased. Traders and merchants feel much safer in the city, and Toren accomplished this by reducing the crime tax!

The crew has had quite a history with Toren. Upon learning of their victory against an evil dragon, he invited them to the dedication of the House Cannith Forge as his personal guests. There they helped defeat the schemes of a House Cannith agent intent on destroying the Forge. Toren helped the crew find work with fellow noble Tobias Ambermead, although their approach to that work was not a credit to his recommendation.

The crew has since learned that Tobias’ success with lowering crime is sue to an illicit deal with The Shadow Serene, the Serenity thieves guild. The port pays tax dollars to the guild in form of protection money- they don’t rob local businesses, and even keep other thieves out of town. Although a success, taxpayers would no doubt be furious to learn that their gold is being spent paying criminals not to rob them. The waters are further muddied by Tobias’ secret romantic liaison with Shadow Serene Guildmistress Sasah Amistar.

Toren Aerakin

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