Manco Sympathies

The Sergeant in the Serenity Militia charged with collecting captured pirates and rewarding bounties.


Manco Sympathies is a sergeant in the Serenity Garrison who, through special appointment from the town council, has the authority to collect pirates and other wanted men captured by bounty hunters or other citizens looking to do the right thing. Manco always goes masked, so all that is known about him is he’s not a tiefling (no tail) or a dragonborn (no snout).

He is notoriously deaf to any plea for liberty. He once turned a very aged man over to the Aurum Fleet on a charge of piracy even though anyone could see a mistake had been made. If he has a last name, it’s unknown, but ‘Sympathies’ has been attached to him due to the popular saying ‘You have as much chance of finding Manco’s Sympathies as coming out ahead in this deal’ and so on.

Senta has met Manco while investigating bounties.

Manco Sympathies

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