Glycum Silvermoon

A self-declared 'infallible' medium, popular in Serenity for his entertaining readings.


Glycum is a gnome from the Feywild. He is a well-known local character in Serenity, and it’s not unusual to find one or two patrons waiting for a consultation outside his small tent in the Serenity Marketplace. That said, Glycum never seems to profit much by his steady trade and always gives the impression of being on the verge of insolvency.

Glycum lives his art and plays the part of a magician to the nines. He always wears a colorful pointed hat, and adorns his robes with stars, bells, exotic-looking jewelry and other symbols of magical status.

Glycum and his partner, a gnome named Gummo, also publish and serve as Inquisitors for the local newspaper, ‘Heave to Port’. (They are searching for another name). Aex knows a little about the operation: Gummo has put up most of the money and seems to have better luck getting the bigger stories, despite have a much less noticeable presence in Serenity. Aex has never met Gummo,

Glycum Silvermoon

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