Ebstilar Runail


A florid human who enjoys wearing loud and colorful clothing almost as much as he enjoys the pastries from the bakers’ guildhall across the street, Ebstilar Runail is the current guildmaster of merchants.

Ebstilar is in the spotlight recently because his personal office at the guildhall was robbed. among the items taken was a statuette of an Angel of the Venture that Ebstilar had specially made as a gift for the temple. He has offered a sizable reward for the return of the statuette.

The team owes Ebstilar (well, really the Merchant Guildhall) a considerable sum. Through the Guildhall, he loaned them the money to purchase the ship and also to the funds needed to have Il’Khun locate the dragonshard that unlocked the ship’s potential.

Ebstilar Runail

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