Tobias Ambermead

Serenity Noble, Head of the Ambermead House


Tobias Ambermead a wealthy and powerful merchant nobleman in Serenity. His family owns virtually all of the vineyards and coffee fields that cover the western side of the volcano. latley his crops have been suffering and he blames the lizardfolk who dwell in the jungles and marches that surround his fields. Sillark, the ambassador for the lizard tribes denies any involvement by his people. Yet Tobias is old enough to remember when open war existed between Serenity and the tribes and will not relent in his accusations.

Tobias of the is a slender man of average height. While known to be very well off, he dresses simply and does not put on airs. He could be on the city council but has refused the appointment.

Tobias Ambermead

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