Teal Coppertooth

A blue-scaled wrecker who searches the seas for salvage.


Teal Coppertooth is a wrecker. He sails the Thunder Sea with his crew of exiled dwarves and other hard-luck souls searching for ruins, shipwrecks and other locations that might offer up salvage of one kind or another. This kind of work is fairly high risk and high effort with only a small return.

Teal is blue in color. He is on the younger side and throws himself into his labor with great determination. He’s an adept haggler.

Teal employs dwarves almost exclusively for his salvage endeavors. His current crew consists of:

Tom Thicktongue: 1st mate. Middle aged Male dwarf who has trouble making himself understood in any language. a DC 10 wisdom check is required to grasp his meaning in d1st mate. warvish, and his common is even worse.

Morerl Daljak Pilot, Youthful looking Male dwarf Pilot. Hed been beaten badly by creepers and dragon before the team rescued them.

Nalydd Threrg Sailor, Middle aged Female dwarf who has Thick Silver Hair, Orange eyes, a Small frame with Dark skin, came to the Thunder Sea to escape from an arranged marriage

Bofkara Threrg, sailor, Youthful looking Female dwarf who Appears to be confused.Came with Nalyadd, wants to go back.

Eryan Daron Navigator, served in Brelish Foundry Fleet, metal ships run by steam. Youthful looking Male dwarf with Weathered skin, missing his right arm.

Torgal Young Male dwarf was killed by the dark ones on gape island

Teal Coppertooth

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