Representative for House Tharask in Serenity


A tall and plainly civilized half-orc who displays the blazing dragonmark of finding along his shoulders and neck, Ilk’khun takes his duties in Serenity seriously. He often visits Serenity Sendings himself to send or receive missives from Sharn.

House Tharashk is one of the few Dragonmarked Houses welcome in Serenity, paying their way into town by subsidizing constructing of the new town hall as well a huge mansion on the cliffs- a fee many houses have balked at paying as long as communication in Serenity remains so spotty. It remains to be seen if Serenity Sendings has the wherewithal to meet the communication demands required by the Houses. Furthermore, there are not many in Serenity who can afford the Tharashk finding fees, so the mansion (and the funds spent to build it) may stay long after House Tharashk has left.

Gossip about Ilk’khun claims he was sent to Sernity as a punishment OR that he was entrusted with this new opportunity as he possesses the skills needed to make the Serenity outpost equal to Stormreach.

The crew has mortgaged their ship to the Merchant’s Guild in order to meet the House Therask fees and locate the focus of their ship.


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