Mylor Branks


Serenity Sendings was founded recently by a human wizard named Mylor Brank, who exploited a rare opportunity and created a business that competes with the Dragonmarked Houses.

While House Sivis haggled with the Serenity merchant council in an effort to offset the high tariff charged Houses to operate in the port, Mylor opened his own magical communications service, His rates are high but so far his service has proved reliable, and the few Dragonmarked Houses that do operate in Serenity use his service.

His shop has become the center of a controversy in Serenity, as those who are against the Dragonmarked Houses see Serenity Sendings as posing exactly the same threat: turning Serenity into a another town ruled by the distant rich. His shop was recently vandalized, and local toughs have taken up loitering in front of his shop and discouraging traffic.

Sandoval has spoken with Mylor several times, as they are both arcanists and have travelled in the same parts of the world.

Mylor Branks

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