Daryn Larsken

Headmaster of the Serenity School of Blades


Daryn Larsken is a human duelist from Aundair, founded the School of Blades nearly ten years ago. Since then, he has tutored scores of students, but only three have graduated and become ‘Aundarian Duelists’ his courses are notoriously difficult.

Two of his graduates, a female gnome named Ember and a human named Porthas, currently serve as his aides.

Daryn has recently become enamored with Aydi Zarastian, the plaqywright of the Saltmarsh Playhouse (area 24), and their affair dominates his time so that he relies more and more on his two aides to lead classes.

He has at times paid Dhumas a few coins to serve as a sparring partner and to assist in demonstrations of two-blade fighting.

Daryn Larsken

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