Molak Mako

Half-Orc Owner of the Serenity Shipyards


The shipyard and shipwrights’ guild is overseen by a gruff half-orc named Molak Mako, a hulking, tattooed figure who is nonetheless fair and honest in his trade. Molak came to Serenity an orphan and was adopted by the kindly old man who ran the shipyard previously.

When the man died, many tried to wrest control of the business from Molak, who had just become an adult, but no one could get the keys from the half-orc. Today, the locals deny such stories, having come to trust Molak and value his leadership.

Andrious has occasionally taken work in they shipyards as a day laborer, and the stories about the goings on in Serenity have been of benefit to the team as they become involved ion the intrigues of the port.

Molak Mako

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