Anmen Ronakin

Owner of Anmen's Oddities


The Hall of Oddities is the brainchild of Anmeh Ronakin, a ranger from The Eldeen Reaches who has long understood that people love to gawk at freaks.

His wide travels exposed him to dozens, if not hundreds,of unique cultures and locations, and he draws upon this knowledge to keep his exhibits fresh and entertaining. The exhibits are fairly static—stuffed monsters, unusual objects such as shrunken heads and drow religious icons, and dioramas of some of the world’s more notorious and strange locations. Anmeh also tries to keep at least two or three live exhibits at a time, which often consist of fairly small creatures such as stirges, chokers, deformed kobolds, or more exotic specimens. Rarely, he keeps something
larger, such as a carrion crawler or an owlbear.

Anmeh has spoken with Duhmas about expeditions into the marshes for more specimens. he is also the main suspect behind the ‘red ape’ incident at the Serenity library, although others suspect a summoned creature similar to the one that attacked the Forge on the day of Founding.

Anmen Ronakin

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