Smittick Pengo

Captain of the Kraken


All anyone knows for certain about Smittick is that he’s from Breland and served in the Brelish navy during the war. Everything else known about him comes from his own lips and that makes it suspect. Always broke, Smittick will tell you how his latest adventure often involving dragons, fiends and powerful magic shook out in such a way as to leave him penniless no matter how many giants he outwitted.

Smittick sails out of Serenity and the crew has had several dealings with him and his own crew. His ship, the Kraken, is a non-magical yacht. The rumor is that Smittick’s crew disbanded after their last fruitless endeavor. His last known roster included:

First officer: Sodder Berk / Human / suspicious of others

Navigator / Addle / Dborn /always asking questions

Pilot / Wipser /Elf female / speaks in whispers

Sailor / Junip / Elf female / quick to take offense

Sailor / Castele / Human / slow on the uptake

Smittik was involved in a plot to steal the fighting dog Crockjaw. The crew of the Four Turns East put the kibosh on that scheme, and save Smittik from having his ship stolen out from under him at the same time.

Smittik followed the Four Turns East and the Wild Goose out to Ratbite Island. He returned to Serenity empty handed and erroneously reported both crews slain by rats and pirates.

Smittick Pengo

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