Bundlor Gales

The dashing captain of the Wild Goose


Bundlor is a charming, capable freebooter who has come to Serenity to make his fortune finding shards. his ship, The wild Goose, is a pillar ship and attuned to his crew. Bundlor always wears fine clothes and carries his matching, silver-handled Cannith pistols,a s well as a fine Karnnath cavalry saber.

His crew is as follows:

  • Capple 1st mate Eladrin Finds most situations amusing. Good natured
  • Sorrid Pilot Tiefling Charming and erudite, despite his fiendish appearance. Crops horns hellboy style
  • Spume navigator Dragonborn. Often muses out loud – it’s as if he can’t have a thought without speaking it.
  • Burg sailor 1/2 Orc He and Dhumas have a competitive history. There is no love lost between them.
  • Flit sailor 1/2 elf refugee from Cyre, still a boy when the mourning happened. Quiet, fidgets.

Bundlor Gales

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