Dumas Walker

dwarven wanderer


Ah’mm Dumas Wahkarrr, an’ yurr NOT!
Wandering the wilderness in search of “lost” dwarven property, Dumas, has sent back many maps and details of his travels to his clan. Along with info on some very interesting inns and taverns.


Dumas is from a very rugged hill and mountain area of the valley. Around the Six Towns area he helps to push back the monsters and allow the towns to continue their development as the wild west. As a happy-go-lucky person he and his friends have looked into such things as making armor from dragons, the undead overlord(fact or fiction?), helping six towns retain its’ autonomy from the city of Tombstone, riding into the wilderness on his trusty steed Ruffles to save a damsel in distress…

Dumas Walker

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