Mires Tithane

Former Head of the Serenity Baker's Guild, now a wanted fugitive!


The flamboyant former guildmaster of bakers is an energetic gnome named Mires Tithane. A fairly recent citizen of Saltmarsh, Mires moved here from Zilargo, and his skill at baking earned him a place in the guild by the end of the week. He rose through the ranks shockingly
fast, and by the time he’d been a member for three months, he had become the guildmaster.

The crew of the 4 Turns east became interested in Tithane when they learned thatMiranda Pikeone of his employees and mother to Henry Pike, was suffering from a infectious disease known only in the Feywild- the ancestral home of gnomes like Tithane.

Through a complex series of events, the crew was asked to investigate Tithane’s bakery by the Shadow Serene. There they discovered that Tithane was dealing with dangerous fey magics, as well as murder and possibly turning the citizens of serenity into unwitting cannibals. They exposed him and sent him to prison.

It is possible Tithane is involved in Serenity’s The Cult of Dagon

Mires Tithane

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