Ned Shakeshaft

serenity crimelord


A few years ago Ned Shakeshaft ran the Serenity Thieves Guild, called The Shadow Serene. He was ousted by a mysterious female Xen’drik dark elf who had the covert assistance of city councilman Toren Aerakin. Her vision for the guild was they would receive money from the town council, which, added to the protection they collected from merchants, the gambling and prostitution meant they didn’t have to steal too much in port. They swore off killing for contract  and focused on eliminating outside agents from stealing from port residents.Ned hated this arrangement and started his own assassin’s guild that focused  on murder for hire. There was a prolonged, covert guild war. The Shadow Serene controlled the island’s only legit gambling house and brothel, the Dancing Dryad. Ned ran underground gambling houses and prostitution, oversaw quite a bit of smuggling and made a few hits from his stronghold a seedy tavern called the Flounder Pounder. 
The dark elf’s lieutenant was a shader-ki known as Darkwillow. Some months ago he learned that Ned was sneaking agents of the Emerald Claw into the city. Darkwillow hatched a plan that sent the crew of the Four Turns east to a house on the hill to take down the claw agents while Darkwillow and his crew simultaneously took down Ned. The Crew eliminated the Emerald Claw threat but Ned came out on top in the attempt to get rid of him. Darkwillow disappeared on that night. In the months between that moment and the Rise of Dagon, Nate was sewing up the port and pressing his advantage. 
After  the Rise of Dagon  (the Recent Troubles, as the port refer to it), Ned revealed to the crew that he had brought the Emerald Claw in so he could sell Tolstoff the man behind Dagon’s coming out to them, as they had been hunting him for a while. So if the crew had stayed out of Ned’s way, he might have prevented the ‘recent troubles.’

After the troubles, Ned rose as uncontested crime lord of the port, as most of the Shadow Serene had been drowned in the calls. Now Ned runs the Dancing Dryad, oversees the great majority of the smuggling and other illicit activities in the port. He still operates out of the Pounder.


Ned Shakeshaft

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