The Sawfish Boys

4 brothers who run the Serenity slaughterhouse and have a repuation for troublemaking.


The Sawfish Boys are 4 brothers of the Anderhoff family, a long-establish Serenity clan that has owned and operated Serenity’s slaughterhouse for three generations. They are often in the company of their two fighting hounds, Pounder and Punisher.

Vander Anderhoff Leader of the sawfish clan, also runs slaughterhouse. A tall, handsome man with a barrel chest, Vander has a reputation with the ladies and keeps his hair shiny and styled with ox grease.

Kinto Anderhoff The smallest of the four and the most outspoken. Kinto has a reputation for being self-obsessed, and talks about self in 3rd person.

Parne Anderhoff Not as boisterous as Vander or Kinto, Parne has a reputation as a follower and is known for echoing Vander’s words or offering encouragement to his older brother by shouting “You tell’em Vander!”

Torkan Anderhoff Is the least notorious of the four. He always seems to be one topic behind in conversation, and steers things towards sport fishing when possible.

The crew of the 4 Turns East had a run-in with the Sawfish Boys over the ‘secret’ treasure of local boy Henry Pike. The team was able to subdue the Sawfish Boys and now bad blood flows between the two groups.

The Sawfish Boys

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