The Four Turns East

Single-hulled pillarship


Gargantuan Vehicle / Artifact
HP 250
Space 2 squares by 5 squares
Cost: 30,000 gp
AC 2; Fortitude 20, Reflex 2
Speed: Swim 8

The pilot must stand at the ship's wheel at the rear of the topmost deck

In addition to the pilot, a yacht requires two sailors and a pilot for best performance. Piloting checks suffer a -4 for each missing sailor. At 0 crew, the ship is out of control

10 medium creatures, 5 tons cargo

Out of Control
An out-of-control yacht moves foreword at half speed. At the DM's discretion, it can move forward in the same direction of a strong wind at up to full speed.

The yacht has 2 decks, the topmost open deck and a small lower deck that serves for crew, passengers and cargo.

At the DM's discretion, the yacht can take a penalty or a bonus to its speed at -4 or +4 depending on the strength and direction of the wind.

Maneuver Modifier
The 4 Turns East is the baseline for maneuverability, so the modifier is 0.

Your pillar ship will improve as the vessel and the crew attune to each other. The ship gains a new ability or feature each time the team gains a level.

1st level Scoundrel Sense: the captain is aware if non-crew steps foot on ship, infinite range.

2nd level Sealegs: Re-roll save against being swept overboard – once per encounter, each crewman

3rd level Helping Hull: board ship from water as a minor action – encounter, each crewman

4th Level Gift of Wind: Use second wind as minor action on ship (free action for dwarves)

5th Level Smuggler's Cabin: Extra dimensional space, hold up to 200 pounds in weight or 20 cubic feet in volume, takes crew level +20 DC Perception check for non-crew to locate.

6th Level Copper Hull: Ship gains resistance 10 on all damage types.

7th level Coordinated Effort: +3 to skill checks or attacks when using an action point aboard ship

8th Level Plum Rigging: Once per round one Sailor can make an sailing check as a move action.

9th Level Ship’s Pier: Cast ritual Shadow Bridge 1x per day for free with +10 to Arcane check.

10th Level Bag of Winds: Cast Control Weather 1x per week for free with Caster Level-14 bonus/penalty to Nature Check.

11th Level Linked Portal: Cast 1X a day for free.


Pillar Ships are minor artifacts dating back to the Age of Giants tens of thousands of years ago. Fashioned from the sacred wood of The World Ash Pillar Ships are all but indestructible magical ships. Originally meant for use by the elven and eladrin slaves of the giants, the ships have several unique properties. Among them is the ability to attune with a captain and crew over time. As the crew and ship travel together, a bond grows between the ship and crew, revealing more of the vessel's wondrous powers. A fully ‘tuned' Pillar Ship is capable of impossible maneuverability on water, and legends speak of such vessels sailing on land or in the sky, or even into other realities.

Pillar Ships are also called ‘follies' as very few crews have the dedication and passion that attunement requires. Pillar Ships pass from captain to captain, each striving to unlock the mysteries of their prize, and all but a very few failing. An out-of-tune Pillar Ship is slow and resists the efforts of the crew that ‘displease' it.

The Four Turns East

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