Edwin Tolstoff's Notes

The work desk and bookshelves in here have been smashed by the neogi but not thoroughly searched.

The records belong to Edwin Tolstoff; he is apparently serving as both an agent of House Lyraneder and House Cannith. A DC 20 insight reveals he was a lyrander spy sent to infiltrate House Cannith.

Posing as a scholar and adventurer, Cannith tasked him with excavating the manor of House Vol; he worked with a few humanoid assistants but mostly warforged. He discovered much, shared some information with both Houses and kept some only for himself.

1. House Vol had secret holdings in a ‘fiendish city’ called Vor Rukoth

2. They had a Fey Ally, a Formian Cachlain ‘The Stone-Skinned King, whose holdings include the Isle of Dread when it is in the Feywild. The eladrin pirates are his servants, the ’howling hag’ Becephelogus is his general.

3. Rynskald the green dragon who lairs upon Greenscale Island is supposed to warn all creatures away from the island but has been corrupted by the hag & pirates and is now motivated only by selfishness and greed.

4. Zorlan d’Cannith defeated the tomb that holds Black 13 after years of effort and trips to Vor Rukoth to consult ‘Alablaq the Mad’, a dead eladrin who once served in The Court of Vol.

5. Zorlan’s notes may hold the answer to the riddle of the tomb, but Edwin could not obtain them.

6. Edwin eventually forged an alliance with Cachlain, and had permission to cross into the Feywild via ‘the Garden of Graves’, a cemetery plotted by Alablaq and a deadly place.

7. Edwin had extensive knowledge of Rory bBrbarosa, his crew’s dealing with The Lord of Dust Dagon, and speaks of ‘alliances long held and to be called upon if circumstance warrants the price.’ This he apparently kept from both Cannith and Lyrander.

Brother Garrow's Letter

At last we have an opportunity to speak. I can only guess at your ignorance, but from your behavior it must indeed be vast. Did you think that the only storm you would summon when revealing the secret of Black 13 would be the hurricane which conceals this isle? House Cannith wants the shard; they have taken Serenity Port and are transforming it into a staging area for their next assault on the island. When they come, it will be with the full force of their holdings: your dragonborn allies will get their warforged, but they come as executioners, not as gifts.

My efforts are faring far better than your own. The dragon will take us to the resting place of Black 13, ensuring I will posses it long before you even solve the riddle of scaling the plateau.
I am a high officer in the Church of Vol. Back 13 is a holy relic of my faith; it belongs to us as it belonged to our Prophet. As Her heirs, we are the only possible rightful owners of the shard. You may not understand us, but does that failure give you the right to deny us our history?

You must accept the shard is lost to you. If you have any sense of loyalty, you will abandon your futile quest, and lead your savage allies in preparing for the storm of Cannith’s arrival.

Brother Garrow, Abector in the Church of Vol

Previously on Corsairs!
Eberron Date: Dravago 19 998

The crew has left the safety of the Dragonborn villages and set out into the savage wilderness of the Isle of Dread. Using the Phantom Steed ritual they charged through the jungle towards the camp of the mysterious Solvar, highly intelligent ape-men who practice a strange tradition of artifice. The group hopes they can persuade the Solvar to fashion useable items from the more powerful dragonshards they have recovered.

The Solvar have a mixed reputation. The Dragonborn see them as competition and the two groups have a tradition of capturing each other’s hunting parties and taking slaves and/or demanding ransom. There has never been murderous hostility between them, however.

House Cannith made many attempts to broker alliances and trade agreements with the Solvar, but all were rebuffed. Again, the disagreements were more or less cordial and never degraded to open conflict. So the Solvar seem more tractable than the Eladrin Pirates or the island’s goblin tribes.

Before reaching the Solvar, the crew encountered a tribe of strange beings called Phaneton. Phanetons are halfling-sized creatures resembling flying squirrels. Rare even in their native Feywild, they are unknown in Eberron. They share a symbiotic relationship with giant Hellvenom Wasps, who they use as steeds and guards. Their weapons and other equipment are made from wasp stingers, wings, carapace and other features, and their architecture contains elements of chewed wood paste the wasps use to make their own nests.

The Phaneton speak Fey, but with such a strong accent that a comprehend languages ritual was needed to make true communication possible. They welcome the crew to their village in the treetops and warn them that the Solvar are murderous, slave-taking savages strongly aligned with the aberrant far-realm horrors called the Neogi.

The Phaneton also have no respect for the dragonborn, who they see as deluded primitives, mere shadows of their great ancestors who built the dividing wall. They seem indifferent to other mortal races. They never allied with House Cannith, who ignored them or treated them as rare game. Only one Cannith agent took the time to communicate with them, they say.

They despise the Solvar, saying they are slave-taking savage in league with the Neogi.

The Phaneton have welcomed the crew to their village in the treetops and have prepared a feast for their guests. That is where we will begin.


durant drinks khyber blood, no effect. ethaem drinks and regains 3 healing surges.

chamber coming up to can see eery purple light around next turn and can hear voices speaking argon, it's torash "the eyes tell they are coming soon we must be ready they cannot pass ninto the next chambe the miracle must not be prevented from happening!"

Torash wearing vest of living eyes. chieftess prisoner on the dragonmark (causing purple light). dolgaunt. mostly blue dragonborn (not warrior caste) cultists. ambush drake.

"outlanders, your futile battle is over lay down your arms if you wish your friend to live." dolgaunt wraps tentacles around pristess. "the harvest is upon on let us show you the blessings of bella shara" fiend trapped in khyber mayhaps?

combat: dhumas hit dborn, lerons teleports dolgaunt, ethaem divine challg drake, durant perfect feint and opening move – boom! dborn advance hit dhumas & lightning breath (miss ethaem), torash keeps ahead & eth bit, theren waits, sandy grasp of the grave & shroud of flame – yabang! Dolgaunt adv psy lash durant eth and sand, drake grabs durant, axebeard charges hits Torash and rings his bell - dhumas disengages dborn runs up to torash drops jaws of the wolf, leron misses drake & telekinteic anchor torash and dolgaunt – ouch!, etheam righteous smites torash and resolves allies, durant held trickster blade hits drake & uses venom blade and then breaks free,dborn miss dumas, torash breath weapons group (cept leron & theren), theren heals durant, sandoval 2nd wind, dolgaunt tents eth dhumas neck drags grab, drake shifts attacks sand, axeb 2nd wind, dumas breaks free, leron attacks enemies misses then misses dolg, eth 2nd wind and fails break free of dolg, durant approach torash takes hit by drake and piercing strike, dborn drops sandy, torash twists breath wpn durant axeb/kills drake and dborn/dominates aexb, dolg miss dumas hits eth, axeb att durant misses, dumas armor pwr moves to torash boom! leron hits dolg teleports into necro zone, ethm misses, durant hits torash, torash claws bites durant drops him, theren life xfer durant, dolg moves grabs dumas, axeb misses torash, dumas throws axes misses, leron mind thrust drops dolg, ethm spiteful glamour misses, durant misses, torash miises axeb, theren commds torash prone, axeb hits, leron mem hole kills him.

eye armor peels off starts crawling, we catch it. short rest. passageway out of here north. Chieftess catatonic. dmark means "when madness and night align and innocent bld water drk tree, noble bear coat of eyes"

next room, chanber walls packed with coffin sized alcoves studded with kyber shard, drgaonborn villagers borged up, sandy tries to pull a shard, says its a "soul prison" should be able to free folks. 1st freed villlager collapses but will be ok. dumas smashes and frees another, axeb smash, durant pulled shard, leron takes another "torash mad, taboo undergr right", theren heals dborn, we continue pulling shards. ba da bing!

lvl 9 shard after dismantling shard prison

chieftess concisous, has vision but wont share. sandy ghoes onto mark, collapses, no visions.

dumas and axebeard have visions. axebeard tells chieftess of vision of underwater serenity. villagers say torash predicted house cannith return and used the excuse to take power. he was after power of flight to get to mountaintop. we head back to the surface.

coat of eyes is a symbiote, leather
1 AC
resist 5 psy pois
1 perc, -1 insight
speak read write deep speech
struck by blind effect negated
bella shyra
can be removed

wroat verifies us for chieftess. shes grateful. rewards magic cloak when we return (death shroud – dmg taken in combat spread to adj enemies). we escort her back to the village. Chiftess tells of the Solor tribe, ape like people, live towrds middle island, practice artifice, ride dinos.

we travel 3 days. other people tied to wall dead. human fighter from other ship (champ bell) other 3 elves (eladrin pirates?) Pirates raided dborn while we were away. look for something/someone particular, went right to slaves. humans with strange powers (emerald claw?)


-1970 for rituals 

blood of kyber gave extended rest

corridor opening to chamber, lights dim unnaturally

ethaem & sand use mage hand to carry torches ahead

large shape withdraws from light, scales? Theren calls out

rumbling, small stones fall. aberration creature looks like 3 dborn merged, 3 heads, six eyes shuffles back into the light.

combat: etham flings acid, sand drops chill cloud, mst adv lashes at eth, another one comes out, durant charges behind mstr1, mstr3 burst thru wall, theren bless eth wpn and astral condem mstr 1, leron mind stabs mstrs 1 + 2 and teleports – axeb attacks mstr3 knocks back, sandy adv icy rays misses, eth aids allies smite miss mstr 3 AP, mstr1 hits durant/miss sand/breathe fire dmg avoided, durant bats aside mstr 1 + 2, mstr2 breate acid eth  axeb ther drops sand bites eth, thern heals eth prones mstr3, leron fuse blasts 1+2 – axeb hit em hard, sand surges up, ethm shifted and furys on mstr3, mstr 1 adv bite me ouch! mstr 2  crashes breathes bites thern down, durant viciously stabs 1 goes down, mstr 3 hits ethm, leron backs up, axeb smites 3, sandy potioned ther, ethm lays thern and deathpains 2, mstr 2 drops ethm, durant hits 3 from behind, thern heals ethm, leron knocks prone 3 – axeb bull rush, ethm takes down 2.

find each mstr kyber shard – 90gp ea

next chamber, light resumes brightness. walls gleam, shards glow, floor moves, fissures maw (flesh?) across hall 3 mutilated dborn hiss + dolgaunt.

combat: sandy mag mis dolg, dborn throw shards, leron burst of will missed dborn3, theren command no good, durant xbow miss, axeb rushes up hits, ethm spite glam miss — sandy mag mis dolg, dborn grab axeb daze leron, leron mind thrust hit, dolg tentacles axeb, theren misses, durant hit dborn2, axeb breaks free, ethm valiant strike w acid hit (resist) — sandy mag miss bloody dolg, dborn grabs ethm shove toward maw, leron mind stabs 2 dborn bloodies teleports into maw, dolg waves tent speak strange chant moves up floor moves thern ethm axeb to maw crunches thern, thern climbs out heals axeb astral seal dborn, durant miss dborn, axeb miss dborn, ethm challenges dborn — sandy icy rays dborn & dolg miss, dborn grabs axeb, maw bites dborn, dborn hits durant, leron misses, floor moves thern leron ethm axeb into maw, theren goes down, durant saves theren, axeb got free miss, ethm lays hand thern, sandy grasp shdw dborn, dborn adv hit durant bloodied, leron teleports dborn into maw, dolg grabs ethm immobilizes, therne heals durant, durant drops dolg, axeb hit dborn.

dolg had living gauntlet w palm eye

The Island of Dread awaits!

Just a few notes to make sure everyone understands why you are going to the island and what to expect.

The Isle of Dread is a island in the Sea of Rage that usually inhabits an ocean in the Feywild, but has wordfallen into Eberron due to a ritual performed by the crew of The Four Turns East.

this is meaningful as to your knowledge, no Fey city or other location has entered Eberron since the Day of Mourning. There are several Eladrin Feyspires, cities that move from the feywild to Eberron with the seasons, that have been stranded in Eberron since The Mourning.

The ritual was performed on a tiny island tomb called Sol Torrath, which is now part of the circle of smaller islands that surround the Isle of Dread. The ritual was performed using a dragonshard called red carnival. The shard was ‘taken in’ by the stone of the tomb, much as the shard that gives your ship it’s magical focus is part of the ship until the proper ritual is cast to remove it. Your instinct tells you that if Red Carnival is removed, the Island of Dread will return to the Feywild. It should be safe enough for now, however, as the island is protected by a dragon, a hurricane, and the chamber where the ritual performed was guarded by a powerful fiend.

You know a little about teh Island of Dread. It is thought to be the last resting place of a dragonshard known as Black 13. Legend tells that his shard holds the lost Mark of Death, a dragonmark wielded in ancient times by The House of Vol, a elvish dragonmarked house that was wiped out by the elves of Aerenal and the dragons of Argonnessen more than 2,000 years ago. No one knows what teh mark was capable of, but it is assumed that its power was necromantic in nature.

The island is known to be inhabited by savage tribes of Dragonborn (who speak Argon, the high tongue of the dragons), as well as behemoths – a collective name for massive, primal reptiles, fish and other beasts that are all but unknown in the civilized world.

The island is also circled by a fierce hurricane, with the island settled in the storm’s eye. The eye has a radius of almost 40 miles, and the stormwall that marks the inner boundary is very powerful.

You know that others are coming to the island after the shard:

The Emerald Claw has sent an expedition led by Brother Garrow, whom the team belives to be a vampire.

House Tharashk has sent an airship captained by two famous explorers and crewed by hardened goblin mercenaries

Bundlor Gales has brought his experienced crew and their ship The Wild Goose.

The Cave in the Cliff Face
as told by Theren

Therendor 27, 998

We slowly and quietly descended the rope down onto the dark beach,  As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I could make out the distinct white sails of The Lantern, the ship recently stolen by supposed pirates.

Upon reaching the bottom I informed my colleagues of what I had seen and we deduced that we had almost an hour before that ship would be able to have any men on the shore.  We decided to proceed on to the cave, but first we needed to hide the evidence of our decent.  Sandoval sent his rodent familiar back up to the top to gnaw through the rope allowing it to drop.

With Durant leading the way, we focused on being as silent as possible during our approach.  Perhaps too fucused.  We neglected to look for other possible forms of security and this fact became roaringly clear to us as pressure trap was sprung and a rope at our feet suddenly began racing away into the cave.  Durant must have immediately known the nature of this trap becuase he dove down and grabbed the rope without hesitation.  He was dragged away and it was obvious his additional weight made no difference to the force pulling at the other end.  He shouted to us that the cave entrace was going to collapse if this rope finished letting out and we took off headed for the cave entrance.  Several of us tried to assist Durant, but our efforts were insignifcant.  Starting to see the first few rocks tumble we darted inward hoping we could get clear of the fall zone before the full collapse.  I took a hard pummelling from the rocky debris, but managed to avoid serious injury.  Poor Durant due to his efforts was the last of us and the falling stone consumed him.  Thankfully he had cleared the worst of the collapse and was still alive.  We bagan removing stones when through the dust choking the room we could make out the shapes of figures slowly shuffling toward us.

As the dust began to settle we could see the figures were animated corpses and we didn't hesitate to put them down.  We finished freeing Durant from the rubble and proceeded to investigate our surroundings.  We could see another collapsed passageway to one side of the room and a curtain covering some sort of opening on the other.  With a fresh reminder to always check for traps, we were extraordinarily cautious in taking a peek behind the curtain.  Determining it was indeed safe we inspected the sleeping quarters it was concealing.  We found and unlocked a chest, liberating the items therein; a good number of gold pieces and other magical treasures.

From the collapsed side passage we could hear several men calling out for help.  We reasoned that these men were part of the Assassin's Guild and we bluffed that we were sent by Mallora to secure the area and dig them out.  We told them to stay put for now and that we'd come back for them.

We then proceeded forward into a large oval room with 4 magical torches lining the walls.  In the center of a room was a table of assorted junk, and another table with what looked like surgical restraints.  By examining the evidence, we concluded that Mallora has been working on a method to instantly convert living beings into the undead.  As we discussed this finding, and how Black 13 may fit into the puzzle, we noticed the dark shadow at the edge of the room start to move toward us.

One of the magical torches spontaneously extinguished, and we knew that this was another of Mallora's evil contructs hungrily reaching out for us.  Another torch went out, and due to the inpenetrable blackness of the creature, it became much harder to see.  We quickly realized that if this shadow managed to turn out all torches, it would be our end.  Several of us focued on battling the creature, while others worked to maintain our light sources.  I healed my companions as the creature pulled life force from their bodies with its' insubstantial tendrils.  Seeing that it was losing strength, I decided to unleash the full power of my celestial wrath and put an end to the beast.  It would seem that in the heat of battle I made a careless decision, and the spirits of my ancestors did not heed my call.  I incorrectly reasoned that the life of a magical construct was not the same as natural life, and therefore didn't apply to my sacred vows.  I am still not sure I fully understand, but I plan on seriously contemplating the events of this day should we survive the night.

Thankfully my companions finished vanquishing the shadow, and we heard a familiar voice laughing at us as the creature melted away into nothingness.  We knew Mallora must be close.  We proceeded up a side passage through the manor crypts.  We passed the interred remains of some of Serenity's founders, but noticed that several of the bodies had been removed.

As we reached the top of the passage we came into a large room.  At the far end we saw Mallora, flanked by two skeletons and three Emerald Claw guardians.  The necromancer looked over us with a horrible eye that had apparently been inserted in the place of her normal one.  The skeletons by her side erupted in scorching flame and the fight was on.

The battle was fierce.  Mallora continually teleported around the room, making it harder to thwart her vicious spells and curses.  While I was offering assistance to my brave colleagues, the skin on one of the fallen Emerald Claw guardians ripped itself from the body, flew across the room, and completely enveloped me!

Never have I so exhausted myself in the aid of my companions as I did this night.  I am thankful the battle ended when it did, becuase I am not certain we would have prevailed had we needed to fight on much longer.  At the time of this writing, we are catching our breath and preparing to forge deeper into the manor.

I pray that we will have the strength to see the night through…

Trouble in Town
as told by Theren

Therendor 27, 998

We went to the cemetery to assist the mayor with the restless spirits there.  We found several undead that appeared to be the result of an intentional summoning.  They were also outfitted with similar weaponry to that observed in the recent lizardmen attacks.  Becuase of this, we think the Assassin's Guild is behind the undead troubles as well.

After that we headed for Hool's Manor.  There has definitely been activity here since our last visit, and upon an inspection of the perimeter we found the entrances heavily trapped.  Remembering what Darkwillow told us about the cave Ned Shakeshaft was using to arm the lizardmen, Durant repelled down the nearby cliff face and think he may have found the cave in question.

Does the cave hide a secret entrance to the manor?  Are there weapons or other valuables hidden inside?  Who will we have to fight in addition to Mires TithaneMallora the Necromancer and Arsaril (as if the 3 of them weren't bad enough)?

I feel as if a significant chapter of Serenity's history is about to be written….

Back to Serenity
as told by Theren

Therendor 15-26, 998

After completing the ritual at Sol Tarnel we piled back into the boat headed for Serenity.  A fierce storm circling the newly reappeared Isle of Dread capsized our ship spilling us all into the water.  As the storm moved away we were able to right the ship and continue home, passing The Wild Goose along the way.

Upon arrival we immediately went to Ilk’khun's to collect our reward, a powerful dragonshard!  Interestingly, Ilk'khun never asked us about recovering Black 13… we suspect he might have someone else already in mind for that task.

We went to The Drunken Urchin for a nightcap and were surprised to see the Forsworns, the half-elves with the airship, had not yet left for their supposed trip to Xen'drik.  Maybe these are the folks Ilk'khun has in mind to retrieve Black 13?

After leaving the Urchin we decided that it was best to talk with the Druids immediately regarding our own plans to recover the infamous shard.  On the way we bore witness to a horrible incident in which Marcus Hape, in an apparent overreaction, stabbed Crazy Nettie as she wildly ran towards him (as she is known to do now and then).  Thankfully we were able to attend to her injury and keep the poor old woman breathing.  Marcus seemed a little too interested in where we were taking Nettie, which made us a little suspicious that maybe this wasn't the "innocent accident" Marcus was claiming it to be.  We eventually brought her with us to the Druids where they could keep watch of her as she recovered.

The Druids were unable to offer any more leads as to the location of Black 13 on the Isle, but they did say that House Cannith may have records dating back to when Rory Barbarosa visited.  At that point we turned in for some much needed rest.

The next morning we were able to confirm that Henry and Miranda were unharmed in the tidal wave that devastated the Beds.  While reading up on other news in Serenity Now, we were summoned to a meeting.  We ended up at the Wicker Goat for a brief chat with Toren Aerakin who asked us to help Lord Mayor Erolin Timertikos in his quest to rid the cemetery of some troublesome spirits.  After that, we met with Darkwillow (of the Thieves Guild) at the Dancing Dryad.  He informed us that Ned Shakeshaft and the Assassin's Guild have been arming the lizardmen via a cave outside the city.  Darkwillow wants us to head up to Hool's Manor after we are done at the cemetery.  There we hope to end the supply line of weapons, and maybe be rid our the troubles with Arsaril, Mires Tithane, and/or Ned Shakeshaft.

the unholy ritual

my dear family and friends,
this may the last time you hear from us in along time so i will leave this with our dear and trusted friend the gnome-that-knows-too-much.

we sailed as fast as could be after bungler and the goose crew…catching them foundering on a sand bar near greenscale isle from the playful interests of the dragon. Fortunatly the dragon was not TOO intersted in them and they survived.

we came to an agreement to finish the ritual and they turned over red carnival while we distracted the dragon from further interest in the hapless sailors.

leading the ferocious beast on amerry chase through the shoals we lured it away from the goose and gaggle…with a little luck we convinced the dragon that playing with us was going to be rough and i hope it forgot about the would-be sailors long enough for them to get away.

as the dragon chased us we raced through the choppy swells and dragon attacks into the water cave under the sword point isle to dangerously close to parking atop the stone quay in the underground docks.

managing to get most of the crew off the ship with grace and dignity we met an ambush by shaman led goblins and undead pirate goblins that almost proved the undoing of our captain…was it the grog in his thoughts or tha fact that we ran out four days ago that made him an oaf with two left feet and both boots tied together?

chasing uwards through the turning halls and chambers we encounterd several groups of goblins commanded by an increasingle capable leader with a few wolves and traps…which is why our captain fearlessly went down a hole to land on the first floor and charge up behind any suspected followers coming in behind us.

reaching the top we encountered another dragonmark of THAT type and soon faced a mourndemon akin to one that tried to destroy the cannith forge during the ceremony. The end of this abomination from beyond our natural realm was touch and go…as in the fearless captain had to go and touch the damn weird dragonmark!

my family…in the event you never hear from me, know that what i am about to tell you is a testament to my confidence in my crewmates to face the future…not only do we owe our survival to those of the Arts, we shall rely on them greatly in the coming weeks and months.

our mage, psion and cleric are each individually responsible for turning the tide of death from our shore… each, on seperate occassions did personally defeat the monsterous enemies through great feats of power and talent! May we all live up to this standard in the future.

the events following the ritual have changed our world. NOT just for the crew of the four turns east, but yours as well…in performing the ritual we raised an ancient continent from the deeps to rise above the waves and enter our sun-filled seas.

what this brings is more likely to be bane than boon.

we shall endeavor to ameliorate this development by exploring this land and facing the risks before they have a chance to endanger our world.

i have asked that this writing be held in secret til such time as we have left to challenge this new land. know that i go with great enthusiasm and confidence of our return with greater knowledge and treasures to uplift and defend our good and natural world from the onslaught of the fell abominations and nightmares.


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