after the ceremony

…wellll… it's been too long since i've sent you a letter my dear kin. we've managed to earn a little money and notariety. when the ceremony was dirupted, we were deputized as i said. we did give chase. The culprit was none other than our former associate from that fateful morning who summoned the demon to distract everyone while some cronies were sabotaging the machines in the house to blow up. the story is kept quiet, but the explosion could've destroyed most of the town and people. the poor soul fled on an airship and we were forced to pursue on discs while his merc goblins fired at us. boarding the ship in flight we pursued him over the side into the jungle near the volcano. too bad for him… his flight took him into a newly expanding zone of undead pirates where he seems to have met his end. he did say that the prophecy he was trying to avert will never be stopped while my frineds and i are alive…we need to think on this. did i tell you about that nice young kid we helped? his mom is doing fine now and we have a few associates watching out for her while shortround works as the newest member of the jewelers guild trainee. it seems she may need watching since the redknives have a spinoff group that like to commit murder for money. and we may have pissed off one of them. and she worked for the strangley meteoric rise of the new bakers guildmaster…seems lots of predecessors retired suddenly.

dear diary

sit right back an you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip. that started from this tropic port, aboard this tiny ship. managed to find an' rescue Coppertooth, some damn dragon got in the way. but don't worry, my hat is fine. it seems this young shadow dragon had slipped through with some dark creeper minions and was collecting dwarven thralls on our side…we put a stop to that poor idea in a hurry. shouldthis record reach my long-lost kin without me, please use the maps and know that our little team is shaping up nicely…i have the priveledge of working with some fine soldiers here and i would like my private vault to be distributed amongst them equally. we managed to get shitluck into port and out of trouble; i hope he has the good fortune to not get mixed up with a dragons' schemes again…i'm beginning to think the stink of shit is clinging to us…re-name the ship "plunger"? there seems to be a movement of organized crime in town…sendings may get a bit spotty, bring a mop. we've been adopted by a shortround, set him up in the jewelers guild to thank him for getting us in a fight with some well-liked toughs of town…his mother had been poisoned by feywild redcaps we believe were from the bakers guild…a suspiciously meteoric rise by the master there. the forge ceremony was highlighted by the summoning of a demon to kill and maim…our old acquaintance from the day of mourning seemed to be involved, hope it wasn't him using the monster, I'd hate to have to kill him after saving his life. toran deputized us!! …ooohhh, let the good times rooollll….

The Shadow-Well
As told by Theren

Our party sailed to the Shadow-Well in search of "Shitluck", hoping he could help us find Teal Coppertooth, and the missing throne.

As we pulled up to the dock, Smittick Pengo and his crew came running out making a fuss.  After a short negotiation we got Pengo to agree to help us find Shitluck.  Pengo informed us the "Shitluck wasnt going anywhere without help" so he and his crew did a lap around the island while we went to the tavern.

Inside we met the propreitor, Osifer.  After observing him for a few moments we could discern that he was actually an undead spirit.  We were able to get his help by promsing to deliver a message to his living descendants.  So thankful was he, that he smashed open a box filled with silver pieces for us to take as a reward.

Pengo had told us the Shitluck had somehow dissappeared into one of the earthen walls of the tavern, and after Osifer agreed to help a large chunk of sod fell from the wall with Shitluck contained therein.

After convincing Shitluck that we meant him no harm and just needed to find Coopertooth, he agreed to show us the way to "The Gape".  We agreed to meet on the far side of the island in a few hours, and once again Shitluck dissappeared into the wall.

Pengo and his crew had returned from circling the island about this time and shortly thereafter the Bug Brothers, bounty hunters who had been loitering in the area, burst into the tavern demanding we turn over Shitluck.

That's when all hell broke loose.

Before I knew what happened there was a displacer beast in the middle of the room, Dumas was throwing money, one of those clockwork abominations starting trying to bring the roof down on top of our heads, and Shitluck, somehow wearing Aex's clothes, appeared from behind a column, shouted "Here I am!" then dove out the window.

We all followed his lead and fled the building.

A foot-chase ensued and the party split up.  The dwarves took off for the Four Turns East, while the rest of followed Shitluck/Aex as he fled deeper into the island.

Aex and company eventually came upon an archaelogical team from the university and he gang-tackled the lot of them.  The Bug Brothers starting peeling bodies off the pile, but could not find Shitluck.  They turned their focus on yours truly and it looked like your humble narrator was in for some "enhanced interrogation."

Suddenly, the Brothers got a concerned look over their faces, muttered something in goblinoid, and took off running.  I later learned that those magnificent dwarves had boarded the Brothers' ship and freed all their captives.  With the Bug Brothers now adequately distracted, Sandoval, Dumas, and Andreous got the ship out of dock and brought it round to Bird Rock on the far side of the island.  There, they picked up Shitluck and the rest of the party and we proceeded to the island known as "The Gape."

It was a rough day of sailing and we arrived after nightfall.  We could see Coppertooth's ship with no apparent signs it was occupied.  That's when we saw a dwarf body floating in the water, presumably one of Coppertooth's men.

Chickentooth's Leftovers
as told by Aex.

After sailing for days and days with a ship that wouldn't cooperate (I must have tied down the jib sheet A HUNDRED TIMES), we arrived at the island containing Stronghold, the last place we were directed to find our dragonshard.

The place was a shithole.

There was NOTHING left! Nothing! Coppertooth and his crew took the teeth out of the skeletons!! I was trying to tell them the story of Pepe of the Dancing Flame (it's a good one, I'll tell you in a minute), when we found one door all piled with rubble with a symbol painted above it, sorta skull-and-crossbones-y. We hemmed and hawed about what that symbol might mean, and then Sandy suggested (and I totally agreed) that it was probably a ruse by Coppertooth to keep scavangers away from the best parts of the treasure. Like maybe a throne. With a dragonshard in it. So we cleared the rubble and headed down the stairs, except for Theren. Maybe his boot was untied? Anyway at the bottom we found ghosts. Big fuck-off dragon ghosts. Theren's grandpa helped us kill them, but I had to take out two myself, besides providing encouraging words to Eatham and Dumas. Sandy and Andreios dolled out their share of damage too, but I pretty much saved the day. I'll tell that story for a while.

Anyway after all that we found a bell. Yep, a bell. Oh, and a note. Try and split that six ways. Now we're just deciding where to head next. Pretty sure it'll be the Gape, but we'll see. Anyway, about Pepe of the Dancing Flame, now he was a talking frog……..

how we met
on the edge of oblivion

ourr wee trruup of ahdvehhnturrerrrs werrre cobbled tahgethah ahht thhu whhimm oohhf soomme perrhhhverrrsse tooahhdiee tuuhh missforrtuune. but among thegroup of misbegotten halfwits they might not be entirrely without some small glimmer of redeeming luck. Like clumsy yaks in heat. our group of 6 managed to find the major that was held prisoner and see the visions of hte dragonmark, when along came some necromantic bitch with a couple of seargeants and some zombies. after calling us deserters and cowards she taunted us with insults. if she was sooo damn good, how come it took more than 30 seconds to get a few of us close to death? we had her right where we wanted her! covered in blood and running half naked through the forest with some serious dirt and scuff marks all over her nice outfit! she wont soon forget us for that cleaning chore! hah! we also managed to keep her from seeing the dragonmark. this major is a serious pain in the ass pansy…good thing he saved us all with his butter knife. i wonder if his family baught that at the same time they purchased his commission? must be poor by standards…they could only afford a major. oh…and the country of Cyr blew up too, in an extraplanar holocaust that raised a wall of lightning strewn death along the southern horizon that reached up into the heavens. we had to take the long way around. and we definately didn't bring enough ale for the whole march…good thing my brother dwarf was there to bolster each others spirits through this horrorfying ordeal! the pain! after witnessing such life altering events, i'll not doubt the strength of these willowy tall races…they didn't once complain about the lack! they kept up their spirits with banter of trivial details of the grey wall…and the necrobitch too. i don't want to remind them of the terror so i let them stay distracted. the young are so cute sometimes when they're talking about their stuff that's so important to them at that age. in respect to their fighting skills…not bad, not bad at all. i found them a little too hesitant to mix it up, so i showed them the true fighting prowess of the dwarven peoples. several times i led a charge of one into the teeth of the enemy to bring down the foul spawn in larger numbers than could be done with hide and seek methods. i think they noticed and may have learned a thing or two. our wee magician, the great an powerful Oz, did have some useful tricks. he made it cooler in a little area around me once…might be handy when we get some more ale. an the mighty paladin…hhhmmm…has a personal problem with hairy palms…and needs to keep gettin help from a different faith…come to think of it, i haven't seen any signs of him being a paladin of anything butscreamin an yellin about his bad hair problem…yet ins spite of all this willy nilly behavior, he did manage to swing his weapon towards the enemies in a very threatening manner. they'll think twice before they bring their unscuffed armour near him. since mentioning the cleric…he has a useful trait…he did heal several of the team. goodie for them, they needed it. …buuurrrrp… time to go… so much ale so little time …honey, be a bonnie wee barmaid, when ye fetch me another ale, would ye mind keepin yer beard outta the foam?


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