13th Age Conversion

When we resume the campaign, we will be adopting the 13th Age system. All pages and documents that relate to the relaunch of this campaign will be tagged #13thAge.


  • 4th Level, all Pelgrane races and classes will be allowed. anything from an additional source let me know first.
  • 2 magic items; have a third in mind you’ll be awarded it in the first or second session.

*Only two PC’s from the 4e days of the campaign are returning. Please try to establish some connection or a good reason new arrivals would sign on for extremely hazardous duty.

Let’s try to get some dice rolled next week if possible. We’ll start in Serenity but you won’t be there long. Edgar Tolstoff’s trail leads through a Thelanis (Eberron’s Feywild) demense known as The Garden of Graves, and, if Sandoval is reading Alablaq’s book correctly, the path will lead to Vor Rukoth, an ancient city in the distant Demon Wastes, literally a world away from the small frontier port of Serenity.

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13th Age Conversion

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