Character Creation


All races, classes from WoTC 4e materials are available. so warforged, artificers, etc are in play. No changelings or kalashtars yet, we’ll see what the 4e Eberron players guide does for them.

Ability Scores

Standard DDi 22-point buy OR use this array: 18 16 14 12 11 8 and add NO racial bonuses.

This is a mid-range array with +2 added to a 16 and a 14. The array lets you build something like a goliath bard with an 18 cha and an 8 str, or a db wizard with a 18 int and a 8 cha.

The reason I am offering this array is that PC’s are special. So for example, Dragonborn may be particularly strong and charismatic as a race, it shouldn’t be impossible for a certain dragonborn to be particularly weak or uncharismatic, especially if he makes up for those deficiencies be being exceptionally dexterous, intelligent or wise.


Use the ones from the PHB2 only at this point. The Eberron guide may have more/different ones.

House Rules

Everyone gets training in athletics for free even if it’s not a class skill.

Everyone gets the feat weapon expertise OR implement expertise for free.

Everyone has served in the army and also done a year aboard ship.

This will be a skill-heavy game! Work together and try to cover as many bases as is practical/makes sense for your PC’s.

Each player must also outline 2 NPC’s that their character knows. One must be an ally, the other an enemy or a competitor. All I need for these NPC’s is a few basic notes including name, race, and relationship with your PC.

Some ideas could be a spouse or family member you are sending money home to, someone you knew in the war, another sailor you’ve had issues with, etc. I will use these NPC’s as needed, and I may not get to all of them. How I use them will vary greatly and will be determined by the needs of the campaign. You could fight alongside or against them, be called to rescue, avenge the death of, or speak at a trial for or against them. Don’t overthink it! These NPC’s are meant to be color and not a huge advantage or disadvantage.



Each race has a few special notes to set them apart. Certain races are only from certain regions as well.

Humans: Humans are by far the dominant race in Eberron, comprising nearly 50% of the population. They can be from any nation, and from any background. The Last War was principally their war. Humans can be from any nation of Khorvaire

Elves: Elves are an offshoot of Eladrin who have ‘gone native’ and consider Eberron to be thier home more than the Feywild. Elves are most often from Valenar

Eladrin: Eladrin are long-term visitors to Eberron. Although they have been there for tens of thousands of years, their cities and fortresses are considered outposts of their Feywild kingdoms. Nevertheless in ancient times they fought epic wars with giants and dragons, and also played a role in The Last War. Eladrin are almost always from Aerenal

Dwarves: Dwarves are native to The Mror Holds. The largest dwarven settlements are there, but they can be found throughout the continent. Dragonborn: Dragonborn can trace their lineage back to the Demon Wars, where the dragons of Argonnessen created the race as soldiers. Most of the scaly races, including kobolds and lizardfolk are offshoots of this race. The dragonborn have been free for tens of thousands of years but have no great kingdom or nation to call their own. They are most often from Argonnessen and around the Thunder Sea Tieflings: Tieflings were created by Demons to serve in the Demon Wars. Enough remained after their masters were defeated to establish a fiefdom on Sarlona’ although small pockets of Tieflings can be found in Q’Barra.

Half-Elves: Half-elves are a distinct race in Eberron and breed true, although some are created the old-fashioned way. They can be found in all nations of Khorvaire

Halflings: Halflings are native to The Talenta Plains. The halflings that live there have a very traditional, nomadic, tribal lifestyle. Halflings who have migrated to large cities tend to be more cosmopolitan and human-like culturally.

Gnomes: Gnomes were brought to Eberron from the Feywild by the giants who used them as slaves. They have had thier liberty for thousands of years and have founded the kingdom of [[Zilargo | Zilargo]. In the thousands of years since their liberation, a rift has formed between those who were born in Eberron and those who immigrate from the Feywild. ‘Feygnomes’ are looked upon with suspicion by most humans and other races.

Half-orcs: Like half-elves, half-orcs breed true and are a distinct race. They are most common in Darguun.

Goliaths: These reclusive mountain dwellers were swept up by the war and often served as mercenaries, impressed troops or as militia fighting to protect their own villages. while not common, they are less sensational among other races than they had been a century ago. They are most often found in the mountains of The Demon Wastes and Q’Barra

Shifters: Shifters can be found all across Khorvaire.

Deva: Few people know what Devas are. They often face suspicion or at least curiosity.

Character Creation

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