House Deneith

House Deneith is a human dragonmarked house based in Khorvaire.

House Deneith has its headquarters is in Karrlakton, and has deep roots in Karrnath. This make it difficult for them to not get in trouble with the Karrnathi as the House has their loyalty to the kingdom of Galifar and its ruling line.

The House was formed by a family of warlords in the area of Karrlakton where they still live today. They were the first humans to manifest dragonmarks and the theirs’ was the fourth Dragonmark to be discovered. They were skilled warriors and warlords and with the mark they became even more powerful. House Deneith was essential in forging the current Kingdom of Karrnath.

The houses seat of power is Karrlakton, across the river from the Mournland. Sentinel Tower is Deneith’s ancestral estate. The Tower is the seat of the Sentinel Marshals and the structure is an ancient Keep that is older than Karrnath itself and as been expanded and improved upon many times.

House Deneith

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