The Eldeen Reaches

Located in northwest Khorvaire between Lake Galifar and the Crag Mountains, the Eldeen Reaches is a strange mix of untouched wilderness and pastoral farmland, inhabited primarily by humans. The region is also home to shifters, half-elves, gnomes, and halflings. The forests of the Eldeen Reaches are among the oldest on Khorvaire and are home to strange beasts and mischievous fey.

Two distinct cultures occupy the Eldeen Reaches. The Towering Wood that covers most of the region is home to a dozen distinct druid sects. The largest of these sects are the Wardens of the Wood which has communities scattered throughout the wood. The other sects, including the Gatekeepers, are largely nomadic. Each sect had its own customs and practices, which sometime conflict with the beliefs of other sects.

The second major culture in the Eldeen Reaches is that of the farmers who populate the northeast part of the Reaches. The typical Reacher has little interest in events outside his or her village, and instead focuses on caring for the land, producing a good harvest, and expanding the farm for his or her children. While strangers are sometimes treated with suspsion, most communities are open and friendly to travelers. House Vadalis maintains a number of communities along the eastern border that are larger than the farming villages and offer a wider range of services to travelers.

The Eldeen reaches is home to the majority of Khorvaire’s shifters. While many of the Reaches’ shifters have integrated into the various druidic sects, some still live separately in tribes. The various shifter tribes have their own distinct customs. Some celebrate their bond with nature and avoid other races, while others embrace their human heritage and seek to establish trade with travelers and the people of the northeastern plains.

For the past 40 years, the Eldeen Reaches has officially been under the protection and guidance of Oalian, the Great Druid of the Wardens of the Woods, from the capital of Greenheart. The Wardens have long dominated the woods and have recently spread to the plains in order to maintain order throughout the nation. While the nation appears stable and peaceful to outsiders, the western woods are full of intrigue and subtle conflict. Here the shifter tribes, druidic sects, and mischievous fey maintain a precarious balance of power.

The Eldeen Reaches

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