Your Ship

The team begins with a single-hulled pillarship they purchased at a bargain rate.


Gargantuan Vehicle / Artifact

HP 250 Space 2 squares by 5 squares Cost: 30,000 gp

AC 2; Fortitude 20, Reflex 2

Speed: Swim 8


The pilot must stand at the ship’s wheel at the rear of the topmost deck


In addition to the pilot, a yacht requires two sailors and a pilot for best performance. Piloting checks suffer a -4 for each missing sailor. At 0 crew, the ship is out of control


10 medium creatures, 5 tons cargo

Out of Control

An out-of-control yacht moves foreword at half speed. At the DM’s discretion, it can move forward in the same direction of a strong wind at up to full speed.


The yacht has 2 decks, the topmost open deck and a small lower deck that serves for crew, passengers and cargo.


At the DM’s discretion, the yacht can take a penalty or a bonus to its speed at -4 or +4 depending on the strength and direction of the wind.

Maneuver Modifier The 4 Turns East is the baseline for maneuverability, so the modifier is 0.


Your pillar ship will improve as the vessel and the crew attune to each other. The ship gains a new ability or feature each time the team gains a level.

1st level: Scoundrel Sense- the captain is aware if non-crew steps foot on ship, infinite range.

2nd level: Sealegs: Re-roll save against being swept overboard – once per encounter, each crewman

3rd level: Helping Hull: board ship from water as a minor action – encounter, each crewman

4th Level: Gift of Wind: Use second wind as minor action on ship (free action for dwarves)

5th Level: Smuggler’s Cabin Extra dimensional space, hold up to 200 pounds in weight or 20 cubic feet in volume, takes crew level +20 DC Perception check for non-crew to locate.

6th Level: Copper Hull Ship gains resistance 10, all damage types

7th level: Coordinated Effort +3 to skill checks or attacks when using an action point aboard ship

8th Level: Plum Rigging Once per round one Sailor can make an sailing check as a move action.

9th level: Ship’s Pier Cast ritual Shadow Bridge 1x per day for free with +10 to Arcane check

10th Level: Bag of Winds cast Control Weather 1x per week for free with Caster Level-14 bonus/penalty to Nature Check

11th Level: Cast Linked Portal 1X a day for free

12th Level: Gale Fleet Cast Gale Wall as encounter power. Effect: opponent’s crew takes -10 on sailor checks when in effect.

13th Level: Solace Cabin Use Ship as Focus for Solace Bole ritual 1x per day.

Your Ship

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