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The First Mate took you to the bow of the ship and pointed east: 'Out there is Aerenal, kingdom of the elves as it has been before the War and will be after all of us are dust, and beyond that Sarlona, ruled by the those devil The Inspired. Men can make no claim to those lands but the treaty tells us all the dragonshards that fall or rise between here and there already belong to the Houses.' He pointed south. "There is Argonnessen, land of the dragons and any man, elf or what have you who stands on those shores and does so only by their grace, but by the treaty, all the shards found there belong to the 'houses as well." He pointed west. ""There be Xen’Drik, a continent so wild that we know only the edges, where giants and drow make it their business to kill all trespassers, but every shard on that continent, known or unknown, those also belong to the houses ." He pointed north. "There be Khorvaire, home for most of us and all the ’Houses. The houses do NOT have claim to all the shards found in that civilized land. If a farmer finds a shard while tilling his field, that shard is his. The seas we sail are five times the size of that land, yet the treaty puts all the shards in those seas in the pockets of the Houses, and send us, the Aurum Fleet, 22 ships and 4 airships, to enforce their claims." And no matter where the Mate pointed or where you turned, nothing could be seen but the wind-tossed blue of The Thunder Sea. Not a sail, nor a scrap of land, not a flag of the lands he named or a shadow of the laws that supposedly hung over the waters. "The 'shards are out there and the Houses want'em," he said. "They buy them from pirates as soon as from their own agents. The Houses break their own laws and cut out those who sail for them all in the name of acquisition. I'm no pirate but I'm no fool, either. If I had the chance and the coin, I'd put a sturdy ship beneath me and a full sail over my head and I'd hunt shards until I'd made enough to never have to hunt anything ever again. No diplomat can tell me that he owns what's never been found, no matter how high his tower in Sharn might be! If a man kills for shards, he's a pirate. But if he has the will and the nerve to go get them and bring them back, he's no more a criminal than whatever man first left Sarlona for Khorvaire. I hunt those men because it is my duty, but I'd join them if I could."


Corsairs is a 4e Dungeons and Dragons campaign set in Eberron. The action takes place south of the civilized lands of Khorvaire, on the Dragonwatch Islands off the coast of Q’barra. The Player Characters are fortune seekers who explore the The Thunder Sea in search of rare and valuable Dragonshards. The 'shards can be used to create magic items or sold to powerful and wealthy interests back in 'the world.'

Their main port of call is Serenity a small port city recently founded on a volcanic island near Adderport. Serenity is an updated version of Saltmarsh from the 3.5 Dungeon Master's Guide 2.

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