A Smattering of Mysteries

Henry & Miranda Pike
When the team first arrived, they offered to help 10 year old local boy Henry Pike retrieve some treasure he'd found from pirates. The pirates turned out to be the four Anderhoff Brothers- 4 local toughs who own the slaughterhouse and who are local celebrities for the part they played in exposing a death cult last year. They are commonly called The Sawfish Boys The team had to fight the Sawfish Boys to drive them off. The team learned that Henry actually had quite a bit of treasure he'd found on the seabed in months of dives all over the bay. He rewarded the team and told them about his sick mother. His father had drowned while fishing months ago. The team found that Henry's mother, Miranda, was suffering from an exotic condition brought on by exposure to redcap mushrooms, a magical fungus that only grows in the feywild. She used to work for Mires Tithane, the flamboyant head of the Serenity baker's Guild. The team cured her affliction and swore to investigate the bakery more closely. The team paid Stovlen, a 1/2 orc mercenary they had spared in a battle, to watch over the Pike household in the Serenity Slums. Several days ago two men broke into the house Stovlen killed them. He didn't know much about them- apparently they were local folk.

House Cannith & the Dragonic Prohecy
The team first met during the war, when serving various factions they were sent to investigate the appearance of a dragonmark on a fallen tower in Cyre. They encountered agents of the Order of the Emerald Claw, some horrible creatures from Khyber, and Aric Blacktree, an agent of House Cannith. The Prophecy spoke of 'six standing against the waking of the dragon below' or something to that effect. The battle with the Emerald Claw was interrupted by the Day of Mourning. The Emerald Claw agents fled. The war ended, two years passed, the characters met up again after the war to seek their fortunes together. The team arrived in Serenity when House Cannith was about to open a forge where they would manufacture many affordable magical items for the populace. The ceremony was interrupted by a summoned creature that the team defeated. They learned that a House Cannith agent-Alric Blacktree – was behind a plot to blow the forge- and almost all of Serenity- to hell. They team pursued him and slew him. He had a lesser dragonmark, as many agents of Cannith will, but there was something strange about it. House Cannith took the body and aren't answering any questions. The town council drove House Cannith out of the port until their internal dispute is settled. The Forge is now staffed by local artificers and works at a greatly reduced capacity.

Ambermead's Crops
The team was approached by local landowner Tobias Ambermead to investigate why the crops in his vineyard and coffee plantations where dying. He strongly suspected lizardfolk. There was a lizardfolk uprising 10 years ago and Tobias has never come to trust them, even though Serenity and the lizardfolk banded together to drive off a sahugin tribe and the treaty has held ever since. The team investigated and learned that the area was suffering from an infusion of necrotic energy which was so strong it was raising the spirits of pirates dead 50 years. The team discovered the cause- a minor artifact placed here to destroy Ambermead's fields. They investigated further and found that Ambermead had gotten one of his field workers with child and shipped her off to Adderport so the bastard wouldn't harm his reputation. She returned and sought revenge for being sent away from her home. She reached out to local crime figure Ned Shakeshaft, who gave her the Khyber Skull for free. Ned is reputed to be at the head of the secretive assassin's guild. He works out of a bar called "the Flounder Pounder' , but the team suspects confronting him on his own turf would be their doom.


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